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Not to Retire,Rooney Wants To Win Premier League Title with Everton

leapyguide.com- Everton have officially acquired Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney as part of Romelu Lukaku's transfer docked at Old Trafford. His 13 years of dedication ended with the Red Devils.


Rooney moved out because he rarely played with Man United, especially since Jose Mourinho arrived. He didn't think long when there is an offer from Ronald Koeman Everton upbringing and feel the time is right for him to move.

Rooney will be 32 yo next October, but he doesn't want to retire and still desires to win trophies with his former clubs he grew up in the past.England striker was also promised to provide experience and quality in helping Everton won the trophy this season.

"When I knew Ronald was interested in bringing me back to Everton, I never hesitated, here's where I want to play.This is the fun, we are stepping forward, bringing in good players, we hope this season is going very well for us. said Rooney.

The Red Devils also not forget to say farewell to him , which they said on their official twitter account.So you think Rooney could make Everton as one of favorite teams to Win the Premier League in the next season?