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Pepe Thanks Real Madrid As He Say Goodbye

leapyguide.com- Real Madrid's senior defender Pepe finally retired. After appearing 300 times with El Real and a few years become a mainstay, he chose to join the Turkish team Besiktas for free.

This decision is somewhat surprising because Pepe was originally said to be very close to Paris Saint-Germain. But, finally he chose to join the Turkish champion with a salary of 2.9 million pounds per year.

Apart from his transfer, Pepe thank Madrid for making him become one of the best defenders in Europe.
"I spent 10 wonderful years with Real Madrid, my two daughters were born in Madrid, I won three Champions League and three league trophies, I love Madrid and the fans there," he told a news conference.

Pepe will be teaming up with his Portuguese counterpart Ricardo Quaresma. It will be very interesting to wait for Pepe's work at Besiktas. He certainly will directly become the mainstay of the team, let alone they eager to defend the title that has been achieved last season.

Pepe's experience will be very important for the young players there and he is expected to be able to help some wonderkids to develop into a higher quality player.

do you think Madrid will lose an important defenders with Pepe leaving ?