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Players Who Consider As Traitors by Their Fans

leapyguide.com-Loyalty doesn't seem to be something that a player in the football world always has. Although we know names such as Gianluigi Buffon, Francesco Totti, Michael Carrick, or Philip Lahm, who are reluctant to move and keep up with the clubs that raise their names, many other names are acting otherwise.

Financial factors and the possibility of success with other clubs are two of the most common reasons for a player to move to another club that is notabenenya is a direct rival of their club. Even though their previous club status is a favorite's fans.

Robin Van Persie

One of the best striker who ever played for the Gunners, Van Persie brought the 2004/05 season after an impressive show with Feyenoord. Nor did he take long to adapt, and for the next eight seasons he became the club's mainstay goal machine with no fewer than 131 goals and 55 assists for Arsenal.

But everything changes in the 2012/13 season. Despite ending the previous season as the Premier League top scorer, but Arsenal's failure to win the prestigious title made him decide to move from Emirates Stadium. No half-hearted, he did not hesitate to receive a proposal from arch-rivals Arsenal, Manchester United, summer 2012.

Although considered a traitor by the Emirates Stadium public, but the striker does not seem to care. With the Red Devils he immediately won the Premier League title in his first season (2012/13), as well as the second top scorer in two consecutive seasons.

Manuel Neuer

Holding the title of the best goalkeeper of the world today, the quality of a Manuel Neuer is no more doubt. Calm and always reliable under the crossbar both with Bayern Munich and the German national team, not many know that this friendly figure is a public enemy for his former club, Schalke 04.

It is not separated from the status of Neuer which is the academic product of The Royal Blues, and has been defending Schalke at all age levels to become club captain. But with Bayern Munchen always the goal of the best players of Germany, Neuer also decided to move to the Allianz Arena 2011/12 season.

Now a status as captain of the German national team and has won all the titles with Bayern, it seems that Neuer's decision is not a bad decision.

Luis Figo

One of the most popular treacheries in the history of world football, Portuguese legend Luis Figo spent five successful seasons with Barcelona between 1995 and 2000. At Camp Nou he ordained himself as one of the best winger in history.

Nevertheless, he soon turned into a public enemy when in the summer 2000/01, Real Madrid Focus clause of purchase of 37 million pounds. The pins received by the player with open arms.

The decision made Figo a very hated figure at Camp Nou. El Barca supporters did not hesitate to show their resentment by throwing objects, such as pigs head, to the field when Figo and Madrid come to Camp Nou.

Nevertheless, it does not seem to affect this elegant player. Together with Madrid he won two La Liga titles, one Champions League title, and also a Ballon d'Or title, before then he moved to Serie A with Inter Milan season 2005/06.

Ashley Cole

We can call him the most hated figure by the Arsenal supporters, Ashley Cole grabbed promotion to the Gunners main team in 2000 after previously being part of the reserve team and loaned to Crystal Palace. His consistent performance as a left back makes him a mainstay of Arsene Wenger, he also became part of the Arsenal team of Invincibles when winning the 2003/04 season title.

However, Cole's sweet trip with Arsenal began to collapse at the end of the 2005/06 season. It boils down to Cole who has refused a contract extension from Arsenal for 55,000 pounds per week.

With Chelsea who then took advantage of the situation through salary offerings to nearly double, Cole was without thinking to cross to Stamford Bridge in the summer transfer market in 2006. Emirates Stadium public anger was shown with a false money waving 20 pounds every time Cole travel to Emirates Stadium.

well aside the loyalties, if you were one of them, what will you choose ? Glory or Loyalty ?