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Players Who Lost Their Position As Captain When Jose Mourinho Became Their Coach

leapyguide.com-Here are the list of several players who lost their title as captain when Mourinho took over as their coach

1.Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney still considered as an important figure for Manchester United, even in the 2016/17 season ,under Jose Mourinho Rooney is still believed to be team captain.

With a decision that has been made by Jose Mourinho who let the captain to leave the Red Devils in the summer transfer market in 2017, making public many who questioned his decision. But the figure of Rooney who is a player labeled captain, is not to be the only captain who 'discarded' in by Jose Mourinho.

2.Raul Gonzales


Jose Mourinho was appointed as Real coach of Real Madrid in 2010,  he got Real Madrid interest after successfully achieving success with Inter Milan with treble winners for the club. 

After joining Real Madrid, the figure of Real Madrid captain Raul Gonzalez immediately moved to Schalke 04. The player is nicknamed 'The Ferrari' is a figure of Real Madrid captain for the last few seasons for Real Madrid, until finally the player was dubbed by many fans Real Madrid as 'Prince of Madrid'. Although the player admitted his move from Real Madrid is not happening because of the presence of the figure of Jose Mourinho, but the captain's move took place in the coaching Jose Mourinho.

3.Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas, is the next victim of this Portuguese coach, the story is quite tragic when the captain who played as a goalkeeper is leaving Real Madrid. There is no ceremonial event nor special tribute to the goalkeeper who has started his junior career with Real Madrid. Even Casillas had to hold a press conference session unaccompanied by his partner at Real Madrid while crying. The departure of the Real Madrid captain is back in the era of Jose Mourinho coach. Media in Spain many who claimed the departure of Casillas was inseparable due to a poor relationship with his coach at that time, Jose Mourinho. Even in 2015, Mourinho played more of Madrid's second goalkeeper then, Diego Lopez and chose to reserve Casillas.

4.Marcell Desailly

marcel desailly.img

Premier League club, Chelsea can't be separated with the career of a great coach from Portugal, Jose Mourinho. Mourinho has made Chelsea a world-renowned club ever since he took over in 2004, a title drought that has experienced Chelsea over the past few years. In addition, Mourinho also successfully present the Premier League title in two consecutive seasons in the 2004/05 season. 2006/07.
In the first period of his arrival as the coach,he dumped the figure of Chelsea captain at the, Marcell Desailly. Desailly is the Chelsea captain in Claudio Ranieri's era, but when Mourinho comes to deal with Chelsea, the player actually gets knocked out and opts for Al-Gharafa and Mourinho has chosen to appoint John Terry to be the captain of Chelsea.