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Real Madrid Rejected MU offers for Alvaro Morata

leapyguide.com-Alvaro Morata's name became the main target of Manchester United in the summer transfer in 2017 to strengthen their front lines are considered to appear inconsistent throughout the ongoing 2016/17 season.

Players who return to Real Madrid from Juventus in the 2016 summer transfer window are likely to leave Santiago Bernabeu for the second time after failing to compete with Karim Benzema to become the main striker for the Spanish capital club.

However, according to reports from Goal,Real Madrid reportedly rejected the offer that has been filed by the Manchester United. The Red Devil has already submitted two offers to Los Blancos to bring in the player with the back number 21.

The first bid of 70 million euros has been raised to 80 million euros. Madrid just want to let the 24-year-old player with a transfer value of 90 million euros even though the team that won the Champions League in two consecutive seasons was not in a state of financial crisis.

When Morula released to Manchester United, Real Madrid are currently rumored to be recruiting Kylian Mbappe from Real Madrid as a replacement for players who scored 20 goals in all competitions in the 2016/17 season.