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Scored a Goal for Everton Again , This is How Rooney Feel

leapyguide.com-Started his debut on Everton's comeback,Rooney instantly demonstrating the best quality as a striker. Facing Gor Mahia in a friendly in Tanzania, Everton won 2-1 and Rooney became a star.The player managed to score a beautiful goal from a distance of 30 meters which makes the Toffees fans began to believe the players.

"Going back scored for Everton was really great - that's something I think about in recent weeks, especially when the move really happened," he told EvertonTV.


"Lucky I can do that straight away and 45 minutes of my time playing is also very important, I'm satisfied ,It's a good start but I feel it still need to grow," he added.

Rooney is aware of all still early and will be a lot of difficult match with conditions that are also not profitable in the future.

"It's important to win the game, but the most important thing is we have a full 45 minutes game, maybe there's something we can do better as more players are together," he concluded.