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See Vacation Ronaldo Alongside his girlfriend pregnant in Ibiza

LEAPYGUIDE.COMCristiano Ronaldo was enjoying a summer holiday along with her boyfriend in Ibiza. The couple were reportedly awaiting the birth of the middle of the fruit.

Ronaldo was already in Ibiza since last week. She came with her boyfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, and several other family members.

Ronaldo looks really enjoy liburnya. Together with the beloved which contains swimming and sailing, both in the sea and playing jet ski. The mirror and The Sun describe the couple had also enjoyed eating even along the entire family groups.

Ronaldo and Georgina already strained relations since November last year. However they managed to cover it up to some time. New media kiss their relationship when they undergo a vacation at Disneyland Paris.

 "They are happy with the presence of the baby. Everyone adores Georgina and pleased with the relationship the two of them, "said a person close to Ronaldo on a media in Portugal, as quoted from the Mirror.

Georgina touted will give birth at the end of 2017. Ronaldo previously already had three children. Her first child is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., and a pair of twins born to a surrogate mother (surrogate mother) in June yesterday.