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Spain Remained one of the favorite in the World Cup 2018

LEAPYGUIDE.COM -  Spain national team this time is not now. However, Spain midfielder Sergio Busquets assessing his team still eligible are favored in the World Cup 2018.

El Matador had conquered the world after winning the European Cup twice (2008, 2012) and the 2010 World Cup. However, in the last five years, no denying the power of Spain.

The proof, La Furia Roja instantly knocked out in the group stage of the World Cup 2014. Whereas in the European Cup last year, Busquets dkk. only until the round of 16 only.

Spain still survive in the 2018 World Cup qualification. With four games remaining, Spain leads the standings in Group G, while competing with Italy.

"When the World Cup or the European Championships were held immediately, you are always looking forward and trying to get away, and the beautiful thing at the end of the tournament," said Busquets to sc.qa.com.

"First we have to qualify because we were in a tough group and was competing with Italy. Hopefully we qualify as group winner, and once we qualify we will analyze everything. "

"In relation to players, teams, we will become one of the favorite despite not playing nice in the last two tournaments," the Barcelona midfielder's value.

"In the end, the teams as usual, Germany, Argentina, who can enter the competition title in Russia," pungkas Busquets.