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There are Bees in Jersey City and Manchester United in the Derby this July

LEAPYGUIDE.COMThis July Manchester United and Manchester City will be involved in the derby at pramusim. Both will carry the special jersey with bee emblem.

Jose Mourinho with his team squad for Pep Guardiola will be dealt in a Manchester derby played at NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas, on 20 July.

In those games would there be a bee emblem on jersey's second team. Not just any bees but rather iconic worker bees from the city of Manchester.

This is related to the tragedy of the terrorist attacks in the city of Manchester in May. Then after derby later that any future Special jersey auctioned off and in the process were donated to the charities We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

The Red Devils and The Citizens ever equate issued a joint statement concerning special later game jersey and, as reported by the website the official website of the respective clubs.

"Manchester continue to exhibit strength and great togetherness since an attack in may, and the minds of all of us at Manchester fixed on those who suffered. Worker bees reflects everything that makes Manchester so a city spesual and our players will be wearing it in their great pride in jersey, as a manifestation of the solidarity community, "said the Manchester City CEO Ferran Soriano.

"Manchester City are already demonstrating strength and togetherness since the tragic terror attacks in may, shows this country and the world at large how his city. The presence of worker bees in our jersey shows the community spirit of the city and our football club, and it is natural we want to help all the people who have suffered, through the collection and this moment, with millions of fans across the world will be watching the game, "said Executive Chairman MU Ed Woodward.