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Wayne Rooney Leave MU After 253 goals in 13 years

LEAPYGUIDE.COMAfter 13 years, Wayne Rooney finally part with Manchester United. Rooney back to Everton and, among them, leaving a record of 253 goals in thee.

Rooney had already been officially returned to Everton, his boyhood Club himself in 2004 ago abandoned the 31 year old attacker to join The Red Devils.

Along with thy own, Rooney then grabbed a lot of success. Including five Premier League titles, and each one Champions League trophy, UEFA Europa League, and the Club World Cup.

At the last time in Old Trafford, Rooney was already waning light for you. But in those times before that its presence on the front line is quality assurance.

A total of 253 goals already printed out Rooney for uniformed MU as much as 559 times in competitive matches, making herself into a topskorer of all time. No joke, he surpassed the figure of the legendary Bobby Charlton (249 goals).

The following statistics about Rooney's goals for you, such as the BBC summarised:

Wayne Rooney
253 goals in 559 appearances make MU (0.45 average goals per match)

The process of goal
Goal: 30 goals
Right leg: 195 goals
Left leg: 28 goals

216 goals scored from inside the penalty box
37 goals from outside the penalty box
27 goals from penalty kicks
6 goals from direct free kicks

Goals in the whole competition
Premier League: 183
Champions League: 30
FA Cup: 22
United Kingdom League Cup: 5
Others: 13

The goal of the team most often hacked
Aston Villa: 14 goals
Newcastle: 13 goals
Arsenal, Fulham, West Ham: 12 goals
Manchester City: 11 goals