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When Ronaldo who only From inside the locked out Hotel rooms

LEAPYGUIDE.COMAction hilarious shown Cristiano Ronaldo in an advertisement for his latest commercial. His story, CR7 locked out in a hotel room just wearing panties.

In the ad's one minute, Ronaldo is being told to stay at the hotel with a scene originally he is ready to start the activity in the morning.

Ronaldo who just wear black panties had watched television before breakfast. Thereafter, he left the room to put a tray of food.

Apesnya, Ronaldo even locked out of the room after paying nampannya. The exact happenings in an episode of the television series Mr. Bean, the face of panic because Ronaldo was shown trapped in conditions of wearing only panties.

While Ronaldo's panic, there was a bellhop women who secretly takes pictures of her. Once satisfied, the woman was photographed helping Ronaldo enters his room again, and then memviralkan the photos the Megastar.

In just a matter of hours, a photo of Ronaldo wearing black panties meets linimasa which documents a variety of social media. Ronaldo finally saw his picture on television and can only laugh.

Ronaldo is being so adverts products from internet provider Altice USA. Famous United States companies that intentionally make a funny story.

"Customers in the United States use Altice broadband service our Superfast and we are delighted to be able to connect to them via a funny and entertaining way with our latest Cristiano Ronaldo ad, which highlighted the role of the great internet connectivity in digital culture right now," said Matt Lake, chief marketing officer of Altice USA as reported by The drums.

By the way a question of panties, Ronaldo did have a side business ventures with CR7 brand panties Underwear. Ronaldo wears the product itself in ads Altice.