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Why Barcelona and Madrid having a hard time to get new players in the last 3 Seasons

leapyguide.com-Not because no one wants to join them, but players doubt to join Camp Nou or Santiago Bernabeu for a reason. We try to summarize the four main reasons why the two clubs are having a bit of trouble in bringing players in the last few years.

4.Big Potential to Watching From the Bench

Real Madrid's striker Michael Owen (R) o

The names of famous European are already in and out in Barcelona or Madrid, but the question is, 'Are they happy and playing a lot there?' Not really. You can ask how Michael Owen's career in Madrid, or Paco Alcacer is currently playing in Barcelona.

Moving a regular player in the club's star is not an easy matter. This could be the main reason why players hesitate when assessed by Barca or Madrid: because they know there is great potential to end up in the bench.

3.Premier League Clubs Faster than Barca or Real 

Leicester City v Burnley - Premier League

The situation in the player's transfer market is like a stock exchange: changing at any time quickly. Especially in this modern era, when money speaks everything. Madrid and Barca have the status as a great club in the world, but about the popularity of the league, Premier League still number one.

Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal continue to strengthen their squad and maybe, targeting the names of the targeted by Barca or Madrid. They can recruit players faster than Barca-Madrid, because they offer greater revenue and transfer fees. It is reasonable because the popularity of the Premier League as the world's best leagues, income is also automatically come from broadcasting rights and other commercial terms.

2.Many of Their Players Want to Leave the Club

ICC Singapore - FC Internazionale v Chelsea FC

lately, many Barca or Madrid players (who lack of playing hours) want to leave. No doubt the management is more busy taking care of it and evaluating the players that must be imported.

This, can affect the slow transfer of Madrid or Barcelona movements in the summer transfer market. Example: Currently, Madrid has already released Alvaro Morata, James Rodriguez, Pepe, Fabio Coentrao, Danilo, and Mariano Diaz. El Real also had to find a replacement worth them to maintain the depth and quality of the club.

1.No Guarantee that They Will Play as Reguler

FC Internazionale v Real Madrid- International Champions Cup

This is supposed to happen almost in the entire world club. Each player must show his hard work when practicing, to be trusted to appear by the coach in competitive matches. But in Barcelona and Madrid it will be even more difficult to do so.

Both clubs are not just need stars or quality players, but big players who have mental endurance aka Iron Heart. High pressure in Barca and Madrid can 'kill' the player's career. No doubt it could affect the chance to play in Barca or Madrid.

Well we think those 4 are main reasons why Madrid or Barcelona having a hard time to get new players in the market transfer