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Arsenal Player,Ozil and Ramsey Apologize to Gunners after Lose to Liverpool

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League

leapyguide.com-Arsenal get a second straight defeat in the away game after defeated by Liverpool with a score of 0-4 at Anfield on Sunday (27/8). Previous Arsenal defeated Stoke City with a score of 0-1 at bet365 Stadium.

Despite undergoing three matches in the 2017/18 season, Arsenal are again under pressure and are considered to be at high risk to return to compete with other teams. Related to the big defeat they experienced, Aaron Ramsey,and Mesut Ozil apologized to supporters of their team.

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League

Ozil :

Quoted from Sky Sports, through his instagram account, Ozil apologized to all Arsenal fans. He realized that he and his teammates appear far below their best performance against Liverpool. Therefore, he promised to make this moment as a motivation to rise in the next matches.

Ramsey :

"We have to make changes soon if we still want to compete for the Premier League title, Liverpool show what it takes to compete with other teams, and we must improve our performance soon," Ramsey concluded about his team's defeat of the Reds at Anfield.

"We are very disappointed with the performance we showed but in the end we have to accept this result We apologize to the fans who came to support us, our performance is bad and we have to fix this situation soon," said Aaron Ramsey in an interview quoted from Sky Sports.