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Barcelona Attacked by Terrorist,Valverde Stay Fearless and Ask Barca to Win Against Real Betis

leapyguide.com- This match takes a few days after the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Catalunya. Valverde also insists his team is not afraid of terrorist attacks. Barcelona will continue to play as usual in the midst of such public fears.

"The situation is lamentably regretted, we are fully giving solidarity to the victims of two attacks in Cambrils and Barcelona on a difficult Friday, and things like this will make you small things that we find the way," Valverde said.


"We are calm and not afraid, we must all face this situation.The best way to continue life, but in that condition all over the world, we are all potential victims.You go to the subway, soccer stadium," he explained.

Barcelona coach, Ernesto Valverde, claimed to have learned a lot from the defeat suffered his team when against Madrid. He also hopes Lionel Messi cs can overcome pressure from Betis, who predicted to play high pressing, layered defense, and counterattack.

"I'm analyzing Betis will try to take the initiative of the match, they play as the coach desires (Quique Setien) .They want to get the job done and that will put us with a very high pressure," said Valverde di Marca, Sunday (20/08 ).