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Barcelona Still Want to Bring Coutinho to Nou Camp as a Replacement for Neymar

leapyguide.com-Barcelona until now rumored not to give up to get Liverpool playmaker, Philippe Coutinho. They are aiming for the 25-year-old to replace Neymar who leaves Paris Saint-Germain in the short term and becomes a future successor to Andres Iniesta.

Even after their first £ 70 million bid was denied, Barcelona are now ready to add one of their players in the deal. Mirror reported that El Barca ready to sell Andre Gomes to get the player who wear number 10 in Liverpool.

Gomes actually only played for a season at Camp Nou. He was brought from Valencia in the summer of 2016 ago. But unfortunately, he failed to show the expected performance, despite being one of Luis Enrique's favorite players.