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Escaped Group of the Death,Klop Wants Liverpool Won't Let Their Guard Off

leapyguide.com- Three-years absence from the Champions League, Liverpool are now back at the world's best European club tournament. The Reds are grouped together with Sevilla, Maribor and CSKA Moscow.

Compared to other groups, the Liverpool group is relatively easier than that of other major European teams. Merseyside's side are favorites to qualify, followed by second seeds between Sevilla or CSKA.

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Liverpool predicted an easy gruop, but, Jurgen Klopp disagreed with that opinion. The German manager did not want Jordan Henderson and his friends to let their off guard.

"With Sevilla I would say there is great competition, but we all know how great they are in European competitions Moscow is a long journey and Maribor, right now, you do not know much about them Many people belittle them - we are not, Klopp said, quoted by Mirror, Friday.

"So we don't think about opponents, we are only thinking about this competition, we will analyze and take things seriously, because we want to go as far as possible, this is the Champions League, so that means we deserve 100 percent respect.(that's wht we do to Other teams), "he said.

Ex-manager Borussia Dortmund also considers Liverpool as a challenger in the Champions League, not as a favorite team. This is expected, can trigger Liverpool to appear furiously to the death in each of their match.


"We are not favorites in this tournament, also in the group - we are only challengers, the challengers should be 100 percent concentrated and give everything, and that is what we will try to do," Klopp explained.

It's Clear that Klopp won't let their guard off tho they're not in group of the death, they're gonna give their 100% to get as far as they can in this competition.Good for Liverpool to not understimate their opponent.