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Liverpool Considering to Let Origi Leave The Club Before Transfer Maket is Closed

leapyguide.com- Liverpool rumored to have started considering to immediately release Origi before the summer transfer window closed on 31 August.

Since deciding to join Liverpool in the summer transfer market in 2014, Divock Origi still seems difficult to ensure a place in the front line of his team. He didn't become the main choice Jurgen Klopp and often start the game off the bench.

Liverpool FC v Atletico Madrid - Audi Cup 2017

Belgian player's chances to leave even more wide open,  he only played once as a substitute when his team get a 3-3 draw when facing Watford  in the Premier League premiere week. Not only that, Origi is not even on the bench when the Reds beat Hoffenheim in the second leg of the Champions League playoffs.

Liverpool's desire to let Origi leave the club also seems not to be a difficult matter, he was rumored to be getting tired because it continues not to be the top choice and want to get more playing minutes in order to return to the Belgian national team squad that will compete in the upcoming 2018 World Cup .

It's interesting to wait for the rest of this news, but if Origi really leave, he also seems not difficult to find a new club,Tottenham Hotspur and Marseille reportedly interested to bring him.