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Man United Mistake Under Louis van Gaal

leapyguide.com-When Man United is trained under Louis van Gaal, Manchester United is having difficulty. They fairly failed to compete in the Premier League and very inconsistent.

In the era of Van Gaal, Man United took off two defenders at different times. Academy defender Michael Keane was thrown into Burnley in 2014 due to difficulty in getting a place. While Jonny Evans was released 12 months later to West Bromwich Albion.

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Both are now two defenders with an alluring performance, even Keane has just joined Everton. While Evans became captain for West Brom, and is now in the target of Mancheste City.

No doubt, the former Man United player, Danny Higginbotham, spoke up. He said that Man United really made a mistake.

"When Evans and Keane left, it was Man United's biggest mistake Keane is still in development and Evans is consistent," he told Express.

"It's not a fantastic thing for Man United to take off both players, Evans shows he's more than qualified at West Brom and he's going to be very good," said he.

Defender Man United at this time can indeed be considered qualified as well. But if Keane and Evans were still on the team, they would not have to bring Victor Lindelof or Eric Bailly.