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Manager Liverpool,Jurgen Klopp Admit it's Hard to Break Crystal Palace Defense

leapyguide.com- Liverpool having a hard time against Crystal Palace. They did manage to win 1-0 through Sadio Mane single goal, but overall the Reds have problems.

Making five changes in the starter squad in preparation for the second leg of the Champions League play-off against Hoffenheim, Liverpool took that risk.

Liverpool v Crystal Palace - Premier League

Manager Jurgen Klopp also spoke up. He ensures that it is very difficult to break the Palace defense.
"It was a very tough game, I don't have any idea how long we hold the ball but it is very much and long, we had a moment in the first half but were impatient because of their deep and strong defense," he told Express.

"We didn't score but we didn't give a counterattack to the opponent, the second half was better, we woke up, our defense worked well, and the real goal was due to the less obvious situation.This was the situation of Counter Pressing We made several other chances but I Happy with this result.Anfield really helped us and became a differentiator, "he concluded.

what is your thought lads?