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Messi Want to Help Neymar to Win The Ballon d'Or if He Stay at Barca

leapyguide.com-Neymar is now officially a Paris Saint-Germain player and world's most expensive player after a while ago left from Barcelona with a value of 222 million euros. A number of Barcelona players reportedly had time to try to keep him in the Camp Nou, including Lionel Messi. Even he offers his services to help Neymar win the Ballon d'Or.

FC Barcelona - Training & Press Conference

Quoted from the Daily Mail, Messi is said to want the compatriot who came from Brazil is to stay in Barcelona. The reason, he was convinced that Barcelona is the best club for Neymar and the player can become the world's best players there. He was ready to make Neymar as his successor as a winner Ballon d'Or.

But unfortunately, Messi's last offer was unable to change the establishment of Neymar who was already unanimous to leave. Himself called to get out of the shadow of Messi and also looking for new challenges at other clubs. In addition, the factor of the number of Brazilian players in PSG camp so the reason why the player chose the Ligue 1 giant.

Neymar has also undergone a debut game with PSG. Facing Guingamp in the second week of Ligue 1, Neymar managed to mark his debut by scoring one goal and one assists and bringing the PSG 3-0 win.