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Real Madrid Twitter Acocunt "Hacked" and Posting Signing Lionel Messi

leapyguide.com- Real Madrid twitter account got hacked for awhile,before PSG was having the same experience which they claim that PSG sign Angel De Maria as hoax. Now it's Real Madrid turn.

They post about welcoming Lionel Messi to the club.Along with a video on the twitter  "Benvingut Messi! B!Bienvenido Messi! Welcome Messi! Bienvenue Messi! #Messi."

 The post went viral with more than 27.000++ retweets in range of time 45 minutes.The post only remain for 90minutes before it's deleted.

The group,which has hacked famous profile accounts in the last 12 months and claiming for the responsibility for hacking said "Internet Security is S**k and we proved that".