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Juventus Still Superior, but Serie A is Now More Competitive

LEAPYGUIDE.COM - Italian league is considered to have a more fierce competition. However, Juventus are still rated as the top seed for scudetto.

Up to four games running, there are three teams that have the same points in the top league of the Italian League. Napoli, Juventus and Inter Milan both collected 12 points.

Juve still show that they can continue dominance in Italy. They have six seasons in a row to become champions.

AS Roma players, Radja Nainggolan, rate the competition this season more evenly. Moreover, AC Milan deserves to be reckoned with many major purchases.

Meanwhile, the Giallorossi are still stuck in eighth position of the standings. They bagged six points from two wins and one defeat.

"The quality of Italian football is still the same? The level of competition is more stringent," said Nainggolan in Football Italia.

"In my opinion, it's getting more balanced now, there are a lot better teams."

"The Juve are always seeded, of course, their 3-0 defeat by Barcelona is really bad, but they are always the best I have also put Napoli close to them We are also there," the Batak blooded player confirms.