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MU Happy Got Three Points, but Not with Appearance

Leapyguide.com - Manchester United out as winners despite being beaten Southampton in the second round. MU should be grateful for the 1-0 win they achieved.

Visit to St. Mary's, Saturday (23/09/2017), Manchester United appear promising after opening advantage in 20 minutes through Romelu Lukaku. However, after the break the game The Saints locked MU to launch a barrage of attacks.

In the end, the Red Devils are able to survive the Southampton attack to win the game. Statistics show that MU only has 34% possession with 9 attempts (4 on goal), while Southampton, with 61% control of the ball giving birth 14 experiments (4 towards goal).

However, the thin score is enough to stay in second place with 16 points, only to lose on goal difference from Manchester City's 'neighbors'. MU winning three points from defending champions Chelsea and five points from Totenham Hotspur.

"We are happy with three points, but not too happy with our performance," said Manchester United defender Phil Jones at BBC Sport. "Maybe last season we will come here and draw or lose, but we need better than this."

"Romelu Lukaku needs an opportunity and strikes him into the goal, and we are grateful to have him."