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Neymar is not in Barca, reduced one problem for Sporting

Leapyguide.com - Sporting CP coach Jorge Jesus assess the departure of Neymar weaken Barcelona. But he also realizes Barca still have other players to watch out for.

Neymar left Barca this summer. The Brazilian crossed to Paris Saint-Germain for a record-breaking world record.

So far, Barca is still okay without Neymar. Except for the defeat of Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup, Lionel Messi et al. still drove perfectly in the seven games they've played in La Liga and Champions League.

However, Jesus assessed the absence of Neymar make Barca strength slightly reduced. He also hopes Sporting can look good when serving Barca in Matchday 2 Champions League on Thursday (28/09/2017) .

"Listen, Neymar is one of the great players I am one of the few who believe he is the best in the world," Jesus told Marca.

"(Ousmane) Dembele is not the same He is a good player but he is not a creator You never let players like Neymar go and Barcelona are not strong without him.

"Luis Suarez, Messi and Neymar are players who do not give opportunities to their opponents without Neymar, our problems are reduced by one, but there are Andres Iniesta and others, of course we will enjoy a good performance against them," he said.