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5 World Changes During 21 Years Wenger's Career Coach Arsenal

Exactly last October 1 Arsenal and most of his fans, celebrating the anniversary of Arsene Wenger. Certainly not celebrating Wenger's birthday which falls 22 October, but the 21-year coaching career of the manager to train the Gunners - nickname for Arsenal.

Two decades is not a short time, especially in this world. Many changes that have occurred from things that have not existed when Wenger coach Arsenal, until now there and quite popular among certain circles.

Discussing all the changes in this world from the moment when Wenger coached Arsenal until now is clearly a lot, it is difficult to decipher them one by one. Be five important things, then the result as below ...

5. Two Wonderkids Not Yet Being Born

Regeneration always happens in football. Similarly, when discussing Kylian Mbappe and Marcus Rashford who have a bright future. Both are not even born when Wenger coach Arsenal. Mbappe was born on December 20, 1998, while Rashford on October 31, 1997.

While two other wonderkid, Alex Iwobi and Dele Alli, are still toddlers. Iwobi who is now handled by Arsenal was born on May 3, 1996, while Dele Alli who plays for Tottenham Hotspur was born on 11 April 1996. Ah, Wenger has seen many changes in the world ...

4. Social Media Not "crazy as fuck" Right now

In this millenial era has become part of human life every day. social media is no longer just a secondary need, but a primer. Wenger was already well aware of how rapidly growing the world today.

When he came to train Arsenal in 1996, the prototype of a new social media initiator was just a mIRC and Bulletin Board System (BBS). So, do not ever think Youtube, Twitter, Path, Whatsapp, and Instagram already exist when Wenger coach Arsenal. The way people get information at that time is limited only through newspapers, radio, or television.


Access to access to the internet was also very limited in 1996 and the internet network was still done in a conventional way: connecting the home phone wired to the computer.

Now much different, Wi-Fi technology (Wireless Local Area Networking) is already everywhere, even a must for you who run the cafe business. Wi-Fi is very helpful in the development of the world to support the use of social media. Wi-Fi itself was only discovered in 1998 - two years after Wenger coached Arsenal.

2. Floppy disks, tapes, and other things that have been rare

If you train during Wenger at Arsenal, you must have suffered drastic changes from the things that used to be used by the general public, until now become scarce.

Some examples of such changes are: cassettes that are no longer used, because listening to music can use the media player. In fact, do not expect you to still see people using the current floppy disk to move data on the computer, as it is currently being redirected to Universal Serial Bus (USB). Perhaps, Wenger can tell more about the radical changes.

1. Jakarta Without Loss and Many Land Empty

For those of you who have lived in Jakarta -Ibu Kota Indonesia- for years, especially those born in the 90's, you will miss the lonely roads and the many empty land.

The road is quite packed with motor vehicles-cars and motorcycles-but no traffic is as bad as it is today. The skyscrapers are not as many today. And now after 21 years, no day without congestion in Jakarta and buildings that cover the sun, plus empty land is very rarely encountered.

Significant changes have taken place in the world for 21-year-old coaching career Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.