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About World Cup Opportunities Without Lionel Messi

The World Cup is a soccer party. Typically parties, prominent figures should all attend. But there is a chance Lionel Messi actually absent next year.

Over the last few years, Messi's name automatically appears every time there is a discussion about the world's best footballer. The actions of Argentina players who defended the Barcelona club was also confirmed his expertise on the field.

However, Messi is now threatened not to appear in the 2018 World Cup, a soccer party event that ideally become the best performers performances show shrewdness. It happened as Argentina's fate was on the edge.

On matchday 17 CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying zone, La Albiceleste can only be balanced 0-0 when host Peru, Friday (6/10/2017).

The result left Argentina without a victory in the last four qualifying phases, at the same time threatened absence in the World Cup round since 1970. Leaving one game again, Argentina still fixated in the sixth rank CONMEBOL standings.

The good, Paraguay's victory over Colombia with a score of 2-1, through last-minute goals, on the same matchday to make Argentina can still determine its own fate in order to qualify.

For the sake of having a chance to finish the top four, which guarantees a direct escape to Russia next year, Argentina must now beat Ecuador in the last party on October 10.

With Peru (fifth) facing Colombia (fourth position) facing each other, the victory for one team will bear an automatic position, while Argentina will skip the losing team as long as it can beat Ecuador.

"The draw for Argentina could also be enough to secure a play-off position (with a fifth), with Colombia's record defeating Peru and Paraguay also failing to defeat the Venezuelans in Asuncion," Sky Sports wrote.

The fifth finish in the CONMEBOL zone itself does not make Argentina or any team qualify automatically, but must first go through the play-off phase. However, the favorite predicate will be bears because his opponent is "just" New Zealand.

"Argentina can also qualify automatically with the draw if Chile lose by more than one goal against Brazil, then Paraguay fails to win, and Colombia or Peru do not draw," Sky Sports said.

For the ultimate game itself, Argentina will play in Ecuador's enclosure located 2,781 above sea level. This factor helped make Ecuador is not a light opponent when playing at home.

It is worth remembering that Argentina started their work in this qualifying phase with a shock defeat with a score of 0-2 when hosting Ecuador in Buenos Aires. Both goals were born within two minutes, in the final 10 minutes of the game.

Obviously, the pressure for Argentina is not small at all. If you can handle it, Team Tango will again be one of the participants of the World Cup next year. Conversely if it fails, the World Cup without Lionel Messi will come true.