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After 13 Years, Fabregas Acknowledges Throwing Pizza into Alex Ferguson's Face

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas admits he is the pizza thrower on Sir Alex Ferguson's face. The mystery has been revealed 13 years ago.

The pizza throwing incident occurred in October 2004, after Manchester United's 2-0 victory over Arsenal at Old Trafford.

Shortly after the game ended, there was a fuss between players from both teams in the ballroom to the locker room. From the battle incident, suddenly a piece of pizza flew in the face of Ferguson, who was then still the director of the Red Devils.

Fabregas, who was then Arsenal Custom became the most suspected players. However, over time the pizza launcher was not detected in the incident known as the "buffet battle."

Now in recognition of Fabregas mouth directly. He claims to be a Pizza Launcher who is on Ferguson's face. They were revealed in "Their Own Association" which guided James Corden.

"Yes, (I gave the pizza to Ferguson.) Suddenly I heard a voice (from the hall) and I thought about what happened, so I went to check it out with the pizza and I saw Sol Campbell, Rio Ferdinand, Martin Keun," Sky Sports reported.

"I love to interfere for them, but I do not know how then throw pizza and face, I do not mean to do," he said.

"I apologize for Sir Alex, I'm not going to do that," he said.