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Allegri: Higuain Just Show 50% Ability

Massimiliano Allegri hopes Gonzalo Higuain can work even harder. The Juventus coach believes the player has just spent 50% of his ability.

Higuain was highlighted lately because of its poor performance. In his first six matches throughout the season, Higuain only made two goals. In the same period, Paulo Dybala has scored eight goals.

His contribution was considered less flashy for Higuain who is the spearhead of the team. Therefore, Allegri had time to play reserve in two matches when Juventus face Torino and Olympiakos.

But in those two matches, Higuain actually successfully responded to criticism by donating one assist and one goal as a substitute. His contribution continued as he played again as a starter against Atalanta, scoring one goal.

However, Allegri is still not satisfied with the performance of the attacker. The former AC Milan coach believes the 29-year-old has not fulfilled his potential.

"Gonzalo must be more assertive, so far only two show 50 percent of what he can actually do," said Allegri to Tuttosport.

"Higuain is a great player, I am often angry with him because I ask for more, because he can do so much more than what he is currently doing."

"Whether he gets 25 or 30 goals, what matters is that the goals are decisive, he's physically better, he keeps practicing during the international break, but he's still not 100 percent," he added