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Barcelona World's Largest Payroll Club

LEAPYGUIDE.COMBarcelona became the world's largest payroll soccer club. Premier League clubs dominate the club list with the biggest payroll bill.

Data on the list with the largest number of payrolls in a single season as reported by the Daily Mail. In the top 25 clubs, Barcelona occupies the first position with a dependent 320 million euros (279 million pounds) or equivalent to Rp 4.7 billion.

Manchester United is under Barcelona with a payroll of 302 million euros (265 million pounds). MU's penchant for bringing in star players in the last few seasons is the cause.

MU's biggest payroll is currently listed on behalf of Paul Pogba, with a magnitude of 331 thousand euros per week. Wayne Rooney is in place edua with a magnitude of 285 thousand euros.

Premier League champions Chelsea, occupying the next ladder with a salary of 293 million euros (256 million pounds). Spanish and Champions League champions Real Madrid are fourth with a salary of 285 million euros.

Of the 25 clubs with the largest salaries, 15 of them are English Premier League clubs. The club's lowest ranked season of 2016/2017, Sunderland, even has a higher salary compared to third-ranked Spanish league Atletico Madrid.

The Black Cats have a payroll of 102 million euros (90 million pounds). While Los Colchoneros has a salary of 98 million euros every year.

as we can see that in the pic

Barcelona is the club with high Payroll $256 billion
Man UTD Payroll : $265 billion
Chelsea Payroll : $ 265 billion
Real Madrid Payroll : $250 billion
Man city Payroll : $ 248 billion
PSG Payroll : $ 239 billion
Arsenal Payroll : $ 234 billion
B Munich Payroll : $ 225 billion
Liverpool Payroll : $ 200 billion
Juventus Payroll : $ 181 billion
Tottenham Payroll : $ 120 billion
AC Milan Payroll : $ 115 billion
Dortmund Payroll : $ 113 billion
Everton Payroll : $ 106 billion
Roma Payroll : $ 105 billion
Inter Milan Payroll : $ 102 billion