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Chelsea Behind 6 Points from Top of Standings, Fabregas: Way Still Long

Leapyguide.com - Cesc Fabregas refused to panic after Chelsea defeated Manchester City. The discerning experience last season, Fabregas believes Chelsea can still catch up.

Chelsea must recognize the benefits of City when the two teams meet at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (30/09/2017). The Blues surrendered 0-1 from his guest.

Due to the defeat of City, Chelsea is still collecting 13 points from seven games it down to rank four. They are six points behind City and Manchester United in the top two positions.

Seeing the position of Chelsea in the standings, Fabregas not worry. The league is still long, the Spanish international midfielder is confident Chelsea can catch up.

Fabregas refers to Chelsea's experience in last season. In the Premier League 2016/2017, Chelsea had occupied the eighth position in the standings after losing 0-3 from Arsenal in the sixth week. But Antonio Conte's landing team then strung 13 consecutive wins to bolt to the top to finally become champions.

"They (City) are a great team, we know that they won the last two games, more or less with the same attitude with us, so congratulations to them," Fabregas said as quoted by the club's official website.

"No doubt this is the same Chelsea as last season, but what happens is we face City who is facing a match with a much better break than us.

"Last year at this point we were eight points behind, but that did not mean anything, the road is still long in all competitions," he said.