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Coutinho is Useless if Liverpool Defends Still Weak

leapyguide.com- Indeed since the comeback to the squad of Liverpool, Coutinho appear impressive. He even scored three goals in the last three team games and became a very crucial player

Newcastle United v Liverpool - Premier League

Unfortunately, the brilliant performance of the players ultimately not very useful because Liverpool often find poor results because the back line that often make blunder.

Even Ex-Manchester United player, Garth Crooks, spoke about this. According to him, Coutinho's efforts will be in vain.

"I've been protesting against the Liverpool defense a year ago and there has been no change." Jueergen Klopp should be able to improve Liverpool's defense for Coutinho's extraordinary performance is not in vain, "he told the BBC.

"For what Coutinho scoring spectacular goals when the team can't defend well? It's no use defending him then," he concluded.

Most errors came from nervousness, miscommunication. Not saying that I'm okay with the defenders right now 

Interesting waiting whether Liverpool can fix this quickly to make Coutinho more comfortable at the club.

many saying liverpool defends is shambles etc and let's see if they gonna do something about it or still going with like last season