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Emre Can Believe Liverpool is Still Have the Chance to Comeback

leapyguide.com - The big match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield on Saturday (4/10) ended with a 0-0 score. Despite getting many chances, the Liverpool as the hosts can't score the decisive goal.

However, Liverpool midfielder, Emre Can, insists he and his squad can take advantage of this result to rise from the negativity trends they have experienced in lately.

"We should be able to win this game because Liverpool gets a lot of chances while Manchester United just get their chance from Romelu Lukaku.The same thing happened before the international break where we progressed by doing small steps, the same thing happened and we continue to lead to goal that's right, "Emre Can said in an interview quoted from Liverpool's official website.

The former Bayern Munich player think it's still  too quick to react to the results achieved by Liverpool at this time, and insists Jurgen Klopp's side must win the next game.

"It is not a good time to over-react, and we must be confident in our own ability, we have to win in the next game," Can concluded on the draw against Manchester United.