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How to get around the high price of broadcasting rights of the English League

The value of Premier League broadcast rights from year to year is increasing. That makes a lot of owners of broadcasting rights owners looking for a sense to keep their "sales" going and fans can enjoy.

Just look at the British club's insanely spending in the last year when Paul Pogba was bought from Juventus by Manchester United with a tag of 89 million pounds sterling. Then this season a lot of clubs that easily spend big money to spend on players.

That can not be separated from the soaring price of broadcast football broadcasting rights in the UK. According to data released last year, there is an increase of about 70 percent of the domestic television deal. Broadcasting rights overseas amounted to 8.4 billion pounds for the next three years! Wow is not it?

Naturally football, especially the English League into a lucrative business field. Especially in Indonesia, English Premier League itself can no longer be enjoyed for free from week to week.

There are still free shows given by terrestrial TV in general, but more often than not the games that involve big teams. If you want to watch the big teams match then you can watch it on pay TV show aka pay TV.

But when you are asked to pay a few hundred thousand dollars for it, whether you are willing if you watch is not a favorite team? Then as the times progress, watch the game through your cell phone.

One of the most recent developments is that you pay for the impressions you want to watch, even for a single day. It is commonly done in foreign countries, especially in countries that are crazy ball.

While in Indonesia, things like that just rose in the last year or two. More and more application providers are able to provide facilities like this. This was done in order to give satisfaction for the audience in the middle of the crazy price of European leagues especially Premier League.

"The reason is the scale of the audience, about hundreds of millions of people are interested in what we serve, we not only provide the content of the event for them, but provide the best platform in a professional way, according to their respective tastes," said Managing Director beIN Asia Pacific , Mike Kerr, in a conversation at the Fairmont Hotel, Senayan, Tuesday (31/10/2017).

"And not only with the traditional way of monthly service, but also sack (sachet) .You can subscribe, one day, two days, a week, a month, and a year," continued Kerr who attended the launching event of Streaming BeIN Connect.

"If our former users could not control the price they wanted, they are now able to offer them, sports fans who do not want to be tied to a monthly contract, which may be special fans, as the market and consumers are growing."

"They may only be interested in watching bigmatch games like Man United vs Liverpool or others, they only pay for a day's subscription, we want to provide services they did not get before."

However, Kerr dismisses the notion that the proliferation of subscriptions such as BeIN Connect or others could kill the existence of pay TV or even terrestrial TV. Such services are only a complement.

"It's an alternative to the audience, but this does not mean that the traditional way is far away, the monthly subscribers are still the main consumers in this market, but we try to offer something different from our service."

"It makes us able to give consumers something to want.Customers today do not just want regular TV service, but are also able to repeat the impressions, look for impressions, they want video on demand (VOD), some live shows simultaneously, which is not possible done traditional pay TV, "he concluded.