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Kenny Dalgish Believe in Coutinho and Salah on Match Against MU

leapyguide.com- Liverpool gonna face against Manchester United this weekend in the 8th weekend  Premier League 2017/18. Although the match will be held at Anfield, but the conditions of both teams are the opposite.

Facing the unbeaten Manchester United  until the 8th week, Jurgen Klopp squad just failed to win in their last two games. The Reds were held to a 1-1 draw at Newcastle United in the 7th week, having previously also been held to a draw with the same score by Spartak Moscow in the Champions League group stages.

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Nevertheless, Liverpool legend, Kenny Dalgish, still feel optimistic Liverpool can achieve three points. According to him, the figure that will be the decisive match for Liverpool is the duo striker, Philipe Countinho and Mohamed Salah.

"The manager (Jurgen Klopp) will play an important role, because he will dictate the course of action, but Mohamed Salah will be very crucial, so far he has proven himself to be a very good transfer for Liverpool," Dalgish said. on Express.

"He looks alive and is capable of scoring goals and now Coutinho has also returned to the highest level and has proven his capacity.The Anfield public will certainly be delighted to see both of them this weekend.

Dalgish also predicted that the Reds will come out as the winner of the weekend.

"I might be a bit biased, but I think Liverpool will win by a score of 2-1,".

Although optimism may overshadow the camp of the Reds, but they should be worried. This is not separated from the fragility of their defense raised by duo Joel Matip and Dejan Lovren. When the new Manchester United conceded two goals up to week 7, opposite Liverpool goalkeeper has been torn 12 times so far.