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La Liga President : No Need to Worry about Barcelona leaving La Liga

leapyguide.com- If Catalonia breaks apart from Spain, the three teams(Barcelona,Espanyol,Girona) are unlikely to play in La Liga and have to compete in another country, or make their own league. However, La Liga president Javier Tebas is not worried about this.


"I don't see any possibility of  Barcelona and the other teams leaving, but unfortunately this is something that can be happen right now, we're going to lose value, but I'm not too worried about it," Tebas concludes about the possibility of independence of Catalonia from Spanish.


"The possibility of the independence of Catalonia before the end of the season is a scenario that should be analyzed in its entirety in terms of legality.I think the league will remain full, but I can't say it confidently.If this happens I will speak to the clubs about their opinion and what they want to do, "Javier Tebas said in an interview quoted by Football Espana.

One of the main concerns of Barcelona's potential loss and other Catalonia teams from La Liga is  the value of the highest league in Spanish football, but Tebas insists that all concerned can only wait for what will happen and not worry about it decrease in income.

Do you think it's still interesting to see La Liga without Barcelona ?