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Liverpool Is Not A Candidate For League Champion United Kingdom

Leapyguide.com - Liverpool still shows the appearances up and down. They assessed not candidates strong champions of Premier League.

Liverpool have just slipped again. When the visit to St James Park Sunday (1/10/2017), they quote 1-1 draw against Newcastle United.

Liverpool's first goal thanks to the superior Philippe Coutinho. Which can be identified by The Magpies passing Joselu.

With the results of it. Liverpool now in seventh position of the standings with a collection of 12 points, lagging seven numbers from Manchester United and Manchester City which is in the 1-2 position.

The back line is still a major problem of porous The Reds. They've already conceded as many as 12 goals in seven games, or the most shared third place, Everton, Watford and Leicester City.

The biggest defeat for Liverpool this season, gained against the City. They serve five goals without reply. With that problem, ex Liverpool Defender Jamie Carragher, said that The Red was not the candidate of United Kingdom League champions.

"Whether Liverpool is a strong candidate for champion this season? No, "said Carragher in the Sports Mole.

"The stock transfer is not great for them. They could not do the repairs needed on their problems this summer, "he added.