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Manchester United vs Liverpool, The Biggest Test

leapyguide.com- Manchester United will face a classic game at the weekend with a visit to Anfield to against Liverpool on Saturday (14/10). This game called by Gary Neville as the proof and measure the odds of The Red Devils to win the Premier League in 2017/18 season. The reason, Neville felt Liverpool to be a team with the first equivalent quality to against United.

"This match is the biggest match for Manchester United because of two things, first, Anfield will always be their toughest test, like mentally and physically with the intensity that exists," said Neville as reported by Sky Sports.

"It's obvious that very few home grown players will play this game, but the atmosphere will be brilliant and  losing game is not an option for you as a player."

 "Manchester United have so far played only against bottom teams, so this is a real test for them."

"This match, in various aspects, will show how they are preparing everything for some difficult parties ahead with Tottenham and Chelsea will also face them in the next four Premier League matches."

Earlier, in seven premier matches United in the Premier League, they tend to play with bottom teams and they also successfully won 19 points from seven games. Liverpool will be a serious test for the Red Devils before facing a difficult period in the next four weeks, including against Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.