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Manschester United 1 - 2 Huddersfield , Things Behind it

leapyguide.com - Manchester United's unbeaten record in the 2017/18 season finally over. Jose Mourinho's squad must recognize the promotional team's lead, Huddersfield Town in the ninth straight week of the Premier League game on Saturday (21/10).

In a match that ended with the score 2-1, United even had to leave first through goals Aaron Mooy and Laurent Depoitre in the first half, before Marcus Rashford able to minimize lag in the 78th minute.

Manchester United's Firt Loss in Season 2017/18

Manchester United in the 2017/18 season is quite impressive, they are unbeaten in all competitions this season.
But the record finally stalled in this fight. United also failed to follow their rival point, Manchester City who are at the top of the standings. Even Pep Guardiola's squad capable of increase the gap into five points after they conquered Burnley with a score of 3-0.

Three Games Without Any Goal for Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku was a very dependable and irreplaceable figure in the front line of his team, has collected 11 goals in all competitions this season.

But his performance is now in the spotlight, He stopped scoring goal since his team draw when they travel to Anfield on Saturday (14/10).