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Messi New Achievement : Scored 100th Goals in European Competition

FootballNews- Barcelona successfully extended their unbeaten run across the competition this season as they defeated Olympiakos in the Champions League group stage on Thursday (19/10).

In addition to the success of achieving three important points, the game also seems to be one of the special and unforgettable match for Lionel Messi, he scored his 100th goal in European competition.

Despite playing with 10 men from the 42nd minute after Gerard Pique received a red card, Messi and the gang stay calm and able to win the match with a score of 3-1 through goals scored Lionel Messi, Lucas Digne, and own goal Dimitrios Nikolau.

Also There's an interesting comments from their coach, Valverde.

"I hope he (Lionel Messi) will be able to score 200 goals this season,it's proves if he is a player who always work hard in practice sessions," said Valverde as reported by Marca.

 Not only praised the performance of Messi, the Spanish manager also commented on the performance of his team in the game. According to him, Olympiakos is also able to provide a good match and had troublesome his team, but in the end he was happy because Barcelona was able to achieve victory.