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Mourinho Not Sure How Long He'll Stay in Man Utd

leapyguide.com- His first season with Manchester United can be said quite bright. Had an inconsistent performance and ended the 2016/17 season in the sixth position, Mourinho still can dedicate three different trophies.

United's performance in the 2017/18 season also seems to have increased significantly. Juan Mata and the gang set a perfect record and are still unbeaten throughout the competition this season. They are currently in second place standings, only had goal difference with Manchester City at the top

Despite achieving success with Man Utd,interesting statement actually said by the Portuguese manager. Mourinho seemed to indicate that he would not last long at Old Trafford.

 "Now I can only say that it is true I want to stay long with Manchester United, but you will not know what happens in the future, because everything can happen in the world of football," said Mourinho as reported by Express.

But despite hinting will not last long at Old Trafford, the manager who also had coaching Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid was also confirmed that he still has no plans to retire from the world coaching in the near future, even he's 54 years old.