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MU Predicted to Appear Offensive at Anfield

Manchester United are not expected to play safe at Anfield this weekend and instead appear offensive because they want to try to rip Liverpool's fragile defense.

Liverpool will host Manchester United in the Premier League party 8th weekend, Saturday (14/10/2017). The previous two teams meeting at Anfield ended 0-0.

In the game, MU lost control of the ball 35% -65% over Liverpool. The Red Devils also made just one shot on target from a total of seven shots, losing to Liverpool who had a total of nine shots with three of them leading to the target.

Jose Mourinho himself is commonly labeled as a coach who likes "parking bus". But the manager is predicted MU will not do this weekend. The opinion was made by Phil Babb, a former Liverpool defender who is now a pundit on Sky Sports.

"Yes, definitely (this is a different situation than when the two teams are balanced 0-0),"

"Again, you have to remember the fragility of the Liverpool defense and I think he could have told (to the players), 'this is a kid, so far we scored with ease.'" Nine goals in the last three games. to Anfield with a 'we can win and do it quite comfortably when attacking a vulnerable defense.'

"So does he (Jose Mourinho) really be so focused on survival?" When confidence flows in his team, is he going to try to make it? "I do not think it should be too much because his team is very capable of making goals I predict seeing them offensive because of that will make the game so very interesting views, "he said.

Currently, MU occupy the second position Premier League standings, just lost on goal difference from Manchester City at the top of the standings.

But that does not mean MU is not productive. On the contrary, Romelu Lukaku cs has scored 21 goals from seven matches so far and only one goal adrift of City as the most productive team. MU also recently conceded two goals.

On the other hand, Liverpool, who finished seventh by seven points from Manchester United, have scored 13 goals so far and have conceded 12 goals from their lakoni in the Premier League.