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Neymar Leave Barcelona Not for the Ballon d'Or

Neymar Sr assess his son, Neymar, moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is not because ambition to become the world's best players.

Previously, sticking the news tilted if Neymar left Barcelona for wanting to escape the shadow of Lionel Messi. The Brazilian attacker feels he will not get the lead if there is La Pulga there.

Therefore, Neymar decided to give in. He who moved first because it is impossible to remove Messi from Camp Nou in the near future.

However, the view was again denied Neymar's father. He mentioned if indeed his son is hunting the status of the best players, the chances are greater if he survives in Barcelona.

"If Neymar's goal is the Ballon d'Or, then it should be in Barcelona, ​​but in fact he moved to PSG," said Marca Neymar Sr.

Frankly, Neymar's father said if his son's biggest ambition is to win the Champions League again. The project offered by PSG is considered quite interesting and in accordance with his dream.

"I'm also surprised Neymar moved to PSG, but we have rejected them last season but this year their project is more interesting and Neymar is challenged to get out of the comfort zone," said Neymar Sr.

Neymar played for Barcelona for four seasons after joining from Santos in 2013. Together with the Catalan club, he won the Spanish League trophy, the Copa del Rey, the Spanish Super Cup, the Champions League, and the Club World Cup.