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Neymar Wanted Barcelona get Banned from UCL

leapyguide.com- Although Playing for Barcelona in 2013-2017 , doesn't mean someone will love the club.
the Brazilian star is still asking for royalties to Barca for 26 million euros. It's still fought for both parties -Barca and Neymar-today.

In fact, Neymar reportedly Sport (08/10), demanding to UEFA as the highest federation of European football to ban Barcelona appear in the Champions League. It happened after Neymar's lawyers spoke to UEFA.

Ofc, UEFA rejected Neymar's request and reportedly, Neymar won't agree with UEFA's answer. Obviously, if this is true, then Barca fans who had idolized Neymar might turn into hate him.

This is not the first time Neymar, since moving to PSG. He also had a debate with his teammate at PSG, Edinson Cavani, trying to get the ball to become the executor of a penalty.

well that's it , money $$ over anything in this world, once  money speak, everyone can be blind and lost their feeling