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No 1 Candidate to Win Premier League this Season is Man City

leapyguide.com- Manchester City continue to show their consistent in the Premier League. They have just beat Chelsea 1-0 and firmly at the top.

Of the seven matches, The Citizens won six times and scored 19 points. They were tacked by Manchester United with the same points.

Chelsea v Manchester City - Premier League

But Jamie Redknapp have his own opinion,which he seems to fav Man City as the No 1 Candidate to Win Premier League this Season

"Everything went well with Guardiola at the moment, their problems last season is that they can not find a solution when they get into trouble but Jose Mourinho is more pragmatic and you can not underestimate Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur," he told the Daily Mail.

"The way, Guardiola's way of stopping Antonio Conte's tactics against Chelsea is really frightening, and Man City's exceptional quality now makes them the most favored," he added.

Even the absence of Sergio Aguero is considered Redknapp as a good things for Man City. He speaks like that not without reason.

"Gabriel Jesus, Leroy Sane and Raheem Sterling are three goal-hunting strikers and want to prove themselves, they can hit Chelsea with great energy up front, so Chelsea can not do much at that time."

The Citizens themselves are predicted to return to achieve positive results when they host Stoke City in the 8th week of the Premier League.

With this Result,No 1 Candidate to Win Premier League this season is  Man City based on recently peformance of the Premier League Clubs.