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Real Madrid vs Tottenham , Ronaldo vs Kane ,Who's Better

leapyguide.com - Two teams who are on fire in the Champions League group H, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur, will face each other in the third game of the group. Real Madrid will act as the host at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Getafe v Real Madrid - La Liga

Both Madrid and Tottenham have both collected six points from two consecutive wins in the group which also contains Borussia Dortmund and APOEL. Ahead of the game, the media spotlight can't be separated from the sharp battle duel Tottenham bomber, Harry Kane with Cristiano Ronaldo,Madrid's Winger.

They're having gap of age,which Ronaldo is having 8years more experienced than Kane. Moreover, if the barometer achieves trophies and individual achievements. At the age of 32 years, Ronaldo still maintain the ambition to remain performing at the top European level.

With the recovery of Karim Benzema and Marcelo, Madrid has almost all its best players. Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane, can lower the best composition of his team minus Dani Carvajal who is still undergoing recovery from heart problems that he experienced. Playing in front of his own supporters, Madrid allegedly will take advantage of their experience in Europe to dominate the game and try to take over control of the ball from Tottenham.

Madrid also has two 'spies' on Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. Both players have played for Tottenham. However, only Modric who can appear counter Tottenham because Bale is still injured. Together with Ronaldo who also played for Manchester United, Modric and Bale will share knowledge to Zidane to overcome Tottenham.

Tottenham Hotspur Training Session

Kane, who has scored 11 goals in 10 appearances for clubs throughout the competition, will be highly relied upon Mauricio Pochettino to continue his sharpness against Madrid. Duet defender Madrid, Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos, will test the quality of the 24-year-old British striker.

Pochettino may be instructing his team to play patiently and not rashly build an attack. Because, it will be difficult for Tottenham to play as usual: take control of the ball and dominant, against a team of caliber of Madrid who has a star player in every line.

When Madrid are favourit to win, Tottenham is curious to find out where's their current level play. The match against Madrid is considered Tottenham's test due to the status of Los Blancos-nickname Madrid- as the winner of two-time Champions League streak.

 Five Last Game Tottenham Hotspur:
20/09/17 Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 Barnsley
23/09/17 West Ham United 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur
27/09/17 APOEL 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur
30/09/17 Huddersfield Town 0-4 Tottenham Hotspur
14/10/17 Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 Bournemouth

Five Last Game Real Madrid:
21/09/17 Real Madrid 0-1 Real Betis
23/09/17 Deportivo Alaves 1-2 Real Madrid
27/09/17 Borussia Dortmund 1-3 Real Madrid
02/10/17 Real Madrid 2-0 Espanyol
14/10/17 Getafe 1-2 Real Madrid

Interesting to see the game!