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Refuse A Luxury Villa,This is what Salah Ask After Become Egypt's Hero

leapyguide.com - Mohamed Salah continues to be hailed by the Egyptian public. The player became a hero who brought Egypt to the 2018 World Cup after a dramatic victory against Congo.

An interesting story appeared in the Mirror. Reportedly, former Egyptian president Zamalek's club, Mahmoud Abbas, contacted Salah right after the victory.
Abbas wants to reward a luxury villa for a holiday after Salah made Egypt to the World Cup after the last time in 1990.

Interestingly, Salah reportedly rejected the offer and said that donations to residents in Gharbiya, rural Nagrig, which contains many poor citizens, would make him happier.

Indeed after the incident, Governor Gharbiya changed the name of the school in Basioun to Mohamed Salah Industrial High School. A sports center was also changed to the name of Mohamed Salah there.


 Salah performance is so compelling that he continues to show improvement. He is considered to be able to lift back the level of Liverpool is not consistent.