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The Best FIFA Coach Award 2017 is Awared to Zidane!

FootballNews - Lack of experience of coaching can't be a factor of a coach's success when handling a team. Often, young coaches with minimal experience can also provide a trophy to the team he trained. Just like Zinedine Zidane.

New coach in Madrid at January 2016 replaces Rafael Benitez, until now Zidane has won seven trophies among of them is two Champions League titles and one La Liga. Yet before coaching Madrid, Zidane has only experience of coaching as assistant coach for Carlo Ancelotti, and coach of Real Madrid Castilla.

Within a year, Zidane made Madrid the world's best team and united all the players, without allowing Madrid's star player ego to ruin the team's atmosphere. He was still relatively young as a coach, 45 years old.


Zidane can already be aligned as one of the best coaches of the world today. This evidence, can be seen from the achievement of Best Coach in the FIFA Awards 2017 award. He admitted not knowing how long to train Madrid, however, Zidane enjoyed every moment of coaching Sergio Ramos cs.

"The stage is not my favorite place, I enjoy myself more on the pitch because we have passion and I am very happy with the players.The team works more than I. I have been here for 18 months and because I do not know how long here, I will enjoy it, "said Zidane at Goal, Tuesday (24/10).

"I am happy with this prize, it is the culmination of the work of cooperation and I repeat what I say up here: I am very grateful to this club and above all, all players because in the end they are the ones who play," he explained.