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This is Ronaldo Reason About His New HairCut

leapyguide.com-Cristiano Ronaldo is famous as a very fashionable figure.He like to change his hair style according to the current model.

Even so, there is something new seen on Ronaldo after he gave the 12th Champions League trophy for Real Madrid.

First this is seen at the moment of celebration
Madrid with Ronaldo shaved off the thin side of the hair and leaving a bit of the top. Just like a soldier's hairstyle.
After that Ronaldo also upload selfie photos with new hair on instagramnya account. He says "Do You Like it?"

Many responses from the fans there who like the new style he who is becoming looks fresh. But, there is also a saying it's not suit him..

Apparently, his new hair is part of the CR7 votive after winning the Champions League. He promised himself to cut hair if he could score in the final. And in the final, Ronaldo scored two goals against Juventus who escorted by Gianluigi Buffon. The player must obey the vow.

"This is a promise, I promise myself.If we can win the Champions League, and I scored goals, then I will do it (cutting hair) .And I do it by myself," he said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

In the final, Madrid beat Juventus with a score that is quite striking 4-1. Ronaldo scored Los Blancos's first and third goals.