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Tottenham 4 - 1 Liverpool , Liverpool Horrible Defense Again

FootballNews - Liverpool haven't won a victory in two previous games in the Premier League. Now, in the ninth week of the Premier League, the Reds have to receive a bitter pill of a 4-1 defeat of Tottenham Hotspur.

Liverpool's horror defense paid a fortune with this defeat, so Liverpool are still stuck in eighth place with a collection of 13 points. While Tottenham, has the same points with the ranking of two standings, Manchester United, with 20 points.

First round

Liverpool visited Wembley Stadium without Georginio Wijnaldum. Jurgen Klopp took James Milner to replace Wijnaldum in midfield in a 4-3-3 formation. In addition to Wijnaldum, Klopp also can not play Sadio Mane, Adam Lallana, and Nathaniel Clyne because of injury.

Despite the hurricane injury, Klopp still has his best troops by playing Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah, Philippe Coutinho, and Jordan Henderson. As for the hosts, Mauricio Pochettino apply 3-4-2-1 tactics and re-reinforced Dele Alli who did not play in the Champions League because of the accumulation of cards.

The game is predicted to run fun also proved true. Because the game has not entered the first 10 minutes, goals have been created in the fourth minute through goals from Harry Kane. England striker who was on fire is off the trap of Liverpool offside, outwit Simon Mignolet, and struck the ball to bring Tottenham winning 1-0

 Liverpool immediately played open to catch up, but, their defense returned to 'sleep' in minute 11. This time Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren made a mistake in anticipation of Hugo Lloris bait ball, until the ball received Kane who directly menyodorkannya to Son Heung- min. Mercifully, Son converted him into a goal and doubled Tottenham's lead to 2-0.

Klopp caught on camera can only smile - do not believe in the vulnerability of Liverpool back line - see lag 0-2 when the game has not even 20 minutes. In fact, Liverpool's 'horror' defense almost led to Tottenham's third goal in the 15th minute, when Son welcomed Christian Eriksen's pass and kicked the ball, which unfortunately hit the crossbar.

Lost 0-2 did not change the style of playing Liverpool. They continued to play offensively until the goal that minimizes the presence present in minute 23. Liverpool counter attack while stealing the ball from the mastery of Kane, Salah's fruitful goal fruit that ran past two Tottenham defenders when receiving a breakthrough ball from Henderson. Lloris could not brush it off. Liverpool minimize lags to 1-2.

 Entering the 31st minute, Klopp's patience to see Lovren's bad game seems to have peaked. He replaced Lovren, who's not in any injury with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, until Emre Can need to back as a center-back in Lovren's position while Oxlade-Chamberlain played in midfield.

Changes tactics made Klopp slightly change the game Liverpool. They play more dynamic, especially in midfield and front. However, Tottenham who had a 2-1 lead also played tactically by tightening the defense and try to attack through counter-attack.

Tottenham defense is not easy to break through by Liverpool until normal time in the first half ended. Remarkably, they actually add advantage in additional time 45 + 2 minutes. Starting from a free kick executed by Eriksen, the ball was attempted to be swept by Joel Matip, but, his sweep was not perfect until Alli grabbed it and fruitioned Tottenham's third goal. The first half ended with a score of 3-1 for Tottenham advantage.

 Second round

There was no substitution in the second half. Tottenham are more comfortable playing because of 3-1 advantage. They seemed to let Liverpool dominate the game and control the ball, while Tottenham waiting for the moment to seize the ball and launched a counterattack.

Liverpool continue to try to break defense Tottenham meeting with an attack from the wing to the middle, relying on creativity Coutinho. However, it is the host who stole the moment when the game back into minute 55.

The chaos took place on the face of Liverpool's goal from a free-kick situation, the ball that came unsuccessfully secured Mignolet until it landed at the feet of Jan Vertonghen. The Belgian defender kicked the ball that Firmino had secured, but the ball rebounded to land on Kane's right foot, scoring both goals in this match. Liverpool now lags 1-4.

Frustrated as unable to create a dangerous opportunity in the Tottenham penalty box, Coutinho also took the initiative to release a long-range kick on 66 minutes. The kick was on target, however, Lloris brushed it off until the ball turned over the crossbar and successfully secured. Three minutes later, Pochettino replaced his players by including Moussa Sissoko to replace Son.

The game remains the same: Liverpool dominate possession and the difficulty of creating dangerous chances, while Tottenham strengthens the back line and tries to provide threats from counterattacks.

Time left last 10 minutes in the second half and Klopp has included two players, Daniel Sturridge and Marko Grujic, to replace Can and Firmino. While Pochettino responded with a change of defensive tactics, pulled out Eriksen and replaced it with Eric Dier.

Just two minutes of extra time given the match official at the end of the second half. No more goals are created, Liverpool lost 1-4 from Tottenham Hotspur.