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What Happen if Barcelona Leave La Liga

leapyguide.com- Day by day, the issue of Catalunya independence is getting heated up from one day to the next. Like a time bomb, Catalunya's public getting heated up and happened last weekend when they wanted to hold a referendum on Catalunya's independence from Spain.

The effects of these political issues impacted the great club of La Liga in Barcelona's Catalunya region. There is a chance they will get out of La Liga if Catalunya is truly independent from Spain.

Well, let's say, if Barcelona out of La Liga, what impact or what will happen later?

REAL MADRID Own the La Liga

No need to talk about the possibility of Barca out of La Liga alone, La Liga is boring because of the dominance of Real Madrid and Barcelona for years. Only Spanish football fans continue to follow La Liga each season.

Especially if Barcelona left La Liga right, then Madrid can be more 'craze' Like BATE Borisov who has 11 times consecutive champion in Belarusian Premier League - the highest soccer division in Belarus. La Liga will get boring.

No More El Clasico


Again, the loss for La Liga and also the football lovers of the world. El Clasico who always becomes a fan magnet will not happen again, at least in La Liga. The meeting between Barcelona and Madrid will be rare, unless both clash in the Champions League.

There is no El Clasico, meaning no dueling two of the world's best players, Cristiano Ronald with Lionel Messi. The number of La Liga viewers will also be reduced of course.

Messin and Others in Catalunya Region

Catalunya is not about Barcelona alone, as there are still other La Liga clubs coming from there like Espanyol and Girona. So, if Catalunya is truly free, then the number of La Liga contestants will be reduced, not to mention Segunda division club - the second caste of the Spanish football division - who also took part following Catalunya.

Not only the fate of other Catalunya clubs, Messi's fate too. If Barca came out of La Liga and his fate was erratic, join Ligue 1 or not, then there is the possibility of Messi leave or the most realistic retirement. Life La Pulga-nickname Messi- has been fully devoted to Barca, there is no reason for him join another club.

Catalunya National Team 

This topic has long been discussed by the media and the public. The automatic thing happens if Barcelona leave La Liga and Catalunya independence. Timnas Catalunya will be fully formed.

The Catalunya football team had long been there, only they could not 'talk' much because it is still a part of Spain. If true independence, then they can follow the arena of international arena FIFA and UEFA like Euro or World Cup.

 Catalunya's National Team will be a strong team if it is fully formed later. You can imagine in the order of 11 core players there are names of Kiko Casilla, Gerard Pique, Jordi Alba, Aleix Vidal, Cesc Fabregas, and Sergio Busquets.